Anti-slip inserts for timber decking

Decksafe inserts have been designed to give enhanced slip resistance to timber decking without detracting from the aesthetic appearance of the wood.

Decksafe is suitable for use on pontoons, jetties, bridges, decking and walkways and can be supplied in a variety of colours and textures.

The inserts can be applied to a wide range of standard timber profiles or are available to apply to any suitable timber on a free issue basis.


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Standard Profiles

Recommended frequency of inserts:

Timber widthInserts per board

Decksafe can be inserted into any custom profiles (as specified).

Technical Data

  • Decksafe inserts consist of a Carborundum and other blended aggregates bound by Bisphenol A, Epichlorohydrin resin
  • Cured tensile strength: (B.S. 2782) MN/m² 41
  • Flexural strength: (B.S. 2782) MN/m² 83
  • Compression strength: (Yield value, B.S. 2782) MN/m² 65

Skid Resistance

In skid resistance tests carried out under laboratory conditions based on the guidelines of the UK Slip resistance Group, Decksafe insert strips were shown to produce the results in the table below.

The parameters for slip resistance values under the guidelines are:



ConditionSlip ResistanceMeanOverall Mean
Dry64, 63, 63, 63, 6363Dry: 63
Wet58, 58, 57, 56, 5757
Dry63, 64, 63, 63, 6363Wet: 57
Wet58, 57, 57, 56, 5757

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